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PostSubject: Swagbucks   December 1st 2009, 12:59 pm

swagbucks.com is a site that lets you earn SwagBucks[SBs] and use them to get free electronics, books, tv shows, movies, media, etc. There are many ways to earn SBs, which I will explain in a minute. This site is legit they don't rip you off and they aren't fake. There are thousands of prizes you can earn with your SBs. Prizes are expensive but if you use the different methods of getting SBs, then it shouldn't take too long.

Here are the different ways to earn swagbucks:

1. Use Swagbucks as a search engine.
Instead of going to google or yahoo or any other search engine to look up stuff, just use swagbucks.com. Searching on swagbucks will give you SBs. You won't get SBs everytime you search, and don't keep searching random stuff all the time because they will begin to warn you not to. What I do is go on everyday, search something randomly, and once I earn SBs then I stop for the day.

2. Install the Swagbucks Toolbar.
This toolbar lets you login and see how many SBs you currently have. It also has a mailing system that the Swagbucks team occasionally put a secret SwagCode in a message. I will tell you what SwagCodes are now.

3. Invite people.
Referring people to join the site is always a plus. Everytime a referred friend wins SBs by searching the web, you also get SBs. You can win up to 100 SBs per referral, although it is rare.

4. Submit a Poll.
You can make up a poll on the site, and if your poll is used in the Polls section, you can win up to 10 SBs.

5. Enter a SwagCode.
Swagcodes are hidden all over the site, including the SB blog, in the toolbar, and in the widget that you can download. Look around the site everyday to find a SwagCode. If I have you added on aim or anything, I will tell you the SwagCode when there is one. Shh you aren't supposed to do this but I'm a nice person xD

There are many more ways to earn Swagbucks but I'm too lazy to explain them. You will have to just explore the site yourself.

So now that you know about this site, sign up!

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